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How To Recover Files by Using Bootable Media in Cloud Backup

You can use bootable media, such as CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, or any removable media, to run the Cloud Backup agent without having to install it in a computer. This is very useful in recovering a computer operating system (OS) that can no longer start or boot up.

If you want to know how to create a bootable media using Cloud Backup, click the link below:

Once you’ve created your bootable media using Cloud Backup, you can now easily recover your files.


Recovering Files Using Bootable Media

Follow the guide below to recover files using your bootable media in Cloud Backup:

  1. Using the bootable media, boot the target machine.
  2. Depending on the media type you are using, click Manage this machine locally or click Rescue Bootable Media twice.
  3. If a proxy server has been enabled in your network; click Tools, then Proxy server, and specify the proxy server host name/IP address and port. Otherwise, skip this step.
  4. On your welcome screen, click Recover.
  5. Click Select data, then click Browse.
  6. Specify the backup location.
    • When recovering from cloud storage, select Cloud storage then enter the Login username and Password of the account to which the backed up machine is assigned.
    • When recovering from a local or a network folder, browse to the folder under Local folders or Network folders.

    Click OK to confirm the selection.
  7. Select the backup you want to recover the data from. If prompted, type in the password for the backup.
  8. Under Backup contents, select Folders/files.
  9. Select the files that you want to recover and click OK to confirm your selection.
  10. Under Where to recover, specify a folder for the recovered files/folders.
    Here you also have the option to prohibit overwriting of newer versions of files or exclude some files from recovery and you can also click RECOVERY OPTIONS to specify additional settings.
  11. Click OK to begin the recovery.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered files using bootable media.

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