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My Domain Name Has Expired

When your domain name expires, all services connected to it stop working, such as web and email. Your website will no longer be accessible via domain name address (e.g. www.mydomain.com or mydomain.com), although your files have not been deleted and are still in the server. Emails using the domain address (e.g. [email protected]) will not be able to send nor receive messages, as well.

Here at Crazy Domains, your domain goes into Renewal Due status as early as 90 days before the actual expiry date to ensure you don’t risk losing your domain.

Why did my Domain Name expire?

You can only get ownership of a domain for a certain period allowed by the Registry, which is between 1-10 years, or up to 5 years only for .AU domains. And, depending on the period you selected upon registration or previous renewal, the domain will expire if not renewed.

Can I still redeem my Domain Name after expiry?

After the expiration date, the domain will move into the Renewal Grace Period in the next 30-45 days where you can renew as normal, then the Redemption Period for another 30 days where you can redeem the domain with a corresponding Redemption Fee administered by the Registry.

Note: Not all domains have Redemption Period. For example, .AU domains, if not renewed within 30 days after expiry (Renewal Grace Period) will be moved directly to Pending Delete.

To proceed with renewal, click on the link below:

What happens if the Domain Name is not renewed?

If not renewed, the domain name will be placed under 5 days Pending Delete status. After deletion, it will become available for public auction.

Can I purchase the Domain Name again?

Monitor the availability of your expired domain name. Once it is up for purchase, try to register it again within your Account Manager. Remember, domain registrations come at a first come, first serve basis - so make sure you get it first before anyone does.

If you require further help, please contact our Support Team.

Set your domain name for Auto Renewal within your Account Manager to avoid the risk of downtime. Learn more here.

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