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We're green


Crazy Domains believes in being green and it's something we're passionate about.

Our green hosting initiatives consist of both carbon offsetting and improved technology.

Reduced energy consumption

We have been on a mission to adopt sustainable development principles into various facets of our operations resulting in a reduction in energy consumption by 16% and water consumption by 8%.

We consume as little energy as possible throughout all of our global offices as well as our eco-friendly data centres and only use the most highly rated energy efficient Dell server systems.

All office equipment, appliances, heating and cooling systems have been carefully selected to be the most energy efficient models available.

Recycling waste

Where possible, all of the packaging Crazy Domains receives with new servers, switches and other items is fully recycled. Crazy Domains supplies customer correspondence including invoicing, statements and order confirmations by electronic email.

Save paper, Save our trees

The team at Crazy Domains are constantly striving be greener. We have now introduced a paperless environment throughout all global offices and datacenters in effort to minimise all paper usage. By utilising the latest technologies and systems we are saving a significant amount of paper thus reducing the associated impacts on the environment.

A Go Green committee has been established which meets periodically to discuss and optimise eco-friendly practices to help reduce emissions and the associated effects on climate change.

Show you're green

Place the Green Hosting Seal on your website

If you already host with Crazy Domains you may place the Green Hosting Seal on your website to show your site visitors that you take environmental issues seriously. The logo is available for download within your Account Manager.

If you require further information please feel free to contact us.