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.city Domain Name Registration

.City domain name for metropolises the world over

Cities are the bigger sister of towns, villages and hamlets and started springing up like pandemics around the world in the late 17th century.

Nobody is quite sure why towns started to become cities - or even in some cases what the difference is between a town and a city - but as the world becomes more inter-connected, so our cities need their own web property.

Geographic TLDs are among the hottest properties in the brave new world of web domains. With Melbourne, Tokyo, London, and NYC all proudly boasting their own city domains, protect your city's presence online with a new .CITY domain from Crazy Domains.

  • .CITY is for all cities regardless of if you have your own geographic TLD yet.
  • .CITY is for government bodies and tourist boards.
  • .CITY is for anyone who identifies with their city.