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.com Domain Name Registration

Establish your online presence with a .com domain, the world’s most recognisable domain name.

.COM Domain Names registration

Register Your .COM Domain Today

Build credibility and trust with a .com domain that matches your business name. Whether you’re launching an online store or portfolio site, .com domains are widely used across different industries.

.COM Register
.COM Register

Why Get a .COM Domain?

  • .COM is the most widely recognised and established top-level domain (TLD) worldwide, providing instant credibility and trust for your online presence.

  • Owning a .COM domain shows your brand or organisation is legit, professional, and an authority in the digital space.

  • .COM domains are easy to remember, increasing the chances of visitors returning to your site.

Domain Information For .COM

Minimum Registration Period
1 Year
Maximum Registration Period
10 Years
Minimum Renewal Period
1 Year
Maximum Renewal Period
10 Years
Is Domain Privacy Supported
Are IDN Domains Supported
Is RegistarLock Supported
Is DNSSEC Supported
.COM Register

What is a .com Domain?

The .com domain is the most popular domain extension for any type of website. It helps you establish your brand’s online presence with a credible and unique web address.

Why is the .COM Domain the Most Popular Domain?

What Can You Do With a .COM Domain?

Here are smart ways to get the most of your .com domain name:

Establish brand identity.
Use your .com domain to strengthen your brand identity and improve brand recognition
Build a professional website
A .com domain allows you to create a professional website for your business, organisation, or personal brand
Create a blog or personal website
If you're an individual looking to share your thoughts, expertise, or creative works, a .com domain provides a platform for blogging or showcasing your portfolio
Set up an ecommerce store
With a .com domain, you can launch an online store to sell products or services to customers worldwide
Build a landing page or microsite
.com domain is ideal for creating focused landing pages or microsites targeting specific campaigns, promotions, or events
Create branded email addresses
A .com domain allows you to set up professional email addresses that align with your brand, enhancing communication and professionalism

Who Can Register .COM Domains?

.com domain registrations are open to individuals, businesses, organisations, and entities worldwide. Essentially, anyone who meets the registration requirements can register a .com domain. There are no specific restrictions or limitations on who can register a .com domain, making it widely accessible to a diverse range of users.

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.COM Register
Com Tld Info

Tips for Choosing
the Perfect .COM
Domain Name

  • A good domain name is easy to say and remember. Choose a unique name according to your business title. Easily find millions of .com domain options for your brand or business.
  • Grow awareness of your business by using keywords in the domain name. Avoid inserting numbers in the name to make it easier to type and remember.
  • Choose a short domain name. Longer names are harder to remember and recall, and there is a possibility of mistyping, which can lead the visitor to an error site.
  • Check for infringements. Your .com domain name should not infringe on anyone else.
.COM Register

.COM Domain Transfer Process and Considerations

Whenever you wish to transfer your existing .com domain to Crazy Domains, we are ready to help.

  • Check if the domain has been registered for at least 60 days.
  • After confirming, unlock the domain attached to your current registrar and confirm if your current email address is listed as the domain contact.
  • Submit a transfer request. Take note that you will need to input your password as well.
  • Domain transfer takes 5-7 days but take note that your domain will continue to work as normal during this period.
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Legal and Regulatory Requirements for .COM Domain Registration

Generally, anyone can register a .com domain as there are no specific restrictions on who can own one. However, registrants must provide accurate and up-to-date contact information during the registration process.

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Your Questions, Our Answers

How do I register a .com domain name?

You can visit our website and check for the guidelines to register your .com domain name.

How long does a .com domain registration last?

The registration of a .com domain name depends on the plan you choose, usually for a period of 1 to 10 years. Check out the detailed domain names and regulations.

What is Domain Privacy, and do I need it for my .com domain?

When registering a .com domain, getting a Domain Privacy add-on helps you keep your personal data secure and private. It also protects your confidential data from being used for spam and identity theft.

What should I do if my desired .com domain is already taken?

If your .com domain name is already taken, then trying for the same domain name can create an issue of originality as well as lead to legal issues. This can also create confusion for the customers. Here are a few alternatives to try when this happens:

  • Add a verb or modifier to your domain name.
  • Use synonyms or other related terms.
  • Consider using abbreviations or acronyms.
  • Check for alternative TLDs.

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