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.joburg Domain Name Registration

.Joburg domain name for Johannesburg, or "Joburg", South Africa

Joburg is the most populous city in South Africa and is known as Africa's economic powerhouse. Joburg is also the world's biggest man-made forest, with over 10 million trees.

Following the example set by .CAPETOWN, .LONDON, .NYC and .TOKYO the vibrant city of Joburg now stands out on a crowded internet with its own unique web domain.

The .JOBURG gives people and companies based in Johannesburg the new opportunity to identify with the city and to set their roots in the Johannesburg digital space.

  • .JOBURG is for anyone proud to be connected to Johannesburg.
  • .JOBURG Is the ideal domain for businesses and organisations connected to the provincial capital of Gauteng.
  • .JOBURG is for tourist and cultural connections to the global city.