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.mn Domain Name Registration

Mongolia .MN domain name

As well as being the official domain for Mongolia, .MN has also been unofficially used to denote Minnesota as well as a number of micro nations.

The domain is a great opportunity for enterprises and individuals who have business interests and other relations in your country, or state. The local appeal gives your company a trustworthy image, appealing to local prospects.

Aside from its popularity in the country, .MN can also be used in various creative ways due to its flexibility.

The domain can be used in conjunction with common extensions such as .com or .org.

In addition, because .MN is still growing, there are more possibilities of registering your desired name with a short or similarly recognisable word. Many opportunities abound.

It's time to get started. Register your .MN today!

  • .MN is for people with business interests in the country of Mongolia.
  • .MN can also stand for the state of Minnesota.
  • .MN gives your website a local appeal with a recognisable abbreviation.
  • .MN is a growing TLD that can be used creatively for more opportunities.