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Kate Furnifer Course Instructor

Securing backlinks gives users and Google the impression that your website is relevant, valuable, and trustworthy. In turn, this leads to higher search engine rankings and better online visibility.  

This can be achieved through off-page SEO. Learn the most effective off-page SEO techniques from our in-house SEO expert, Kate Furnifer. 

In this course, Kate explains how off-page SEO doesn’t only boost your rankings but also helps you establish authority in your niche.  

From guest blogs to online directories, learn different ways to convince high-authority websites to point back to your website – so you can gain credibility on the online sphere.

Lesson Objectives: 

  • Understand why off-Page SEO is a MUST if you want to succeed online.  
  • Learn Google’s most crucial off-page ranking factors.  
  • Know the different off-page techniques you can implement to win backlinks.  
  • Discover the seven hacks for a successful guest blogging campaign.  
  • Understand the importance of listing your website on high-profile online directories.  
  • Learn useful tips for Guest blogging and influencer marketing. 
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