A call to action (CTA) is not just the big button at the bottom of your website. It is the entire phrase or sentence that drives your visitors to convert 

Although it sounds simple, converting visitors to paying customers is not easy. This is where your CTA comes in.  

With a strong CTA, you can give visitors that extra push to do what benefits both them and your brand or business.  

5 Tips to Create Click-Worthy CTAs (with Samples) 

With so many competitors out there, using common CTAs for your brand just won’t cut it 

Place yourself in your customer’s shoes. What do you want to hear when availing of a product/service? Or what would motivate you to make a purchase you never intended to make?  

It’s different for every industry. With this guide, you’ll learn how to not only create an irresistible CTA, but also one that fits your brand.  

Keep it straightforward

Keep it straightforward

Tell your visitors what you want them to do next. Customers feel at ease when they know exactly what happens after clicking that button.  

Don’t have customers guessing. Doing so will only discourage them from doing the response you want 

Straightforward CTAs work for almost every industry. As long as a specific action is needed, keeping it straight to the point will make your customers click.  

  • Sign-up here  
  • Subscribe now 
  • Add to cart 

Create a sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency  

Like how the famous saying goes, “nothing motivates a person more than a deadline”. And it’s true!  

Creating a sense of urgency is the push that drives customers to respond right away instead of them taking the time to think it over. Make them think they’re going to miss out if they don’t make the purchase ASAP. 

This is perfect for entrepreneurs or providers offering a service or product with a limited quantity or within a limited time.  

  • On sale until [insert date here]! 
  • Hurry before supplies run out! 
  • Available for a limited time only! 

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Evoke emotions

Evoke emotions 

Have you ever felt bad about an issue you heard on the news? What about feeling nostalgic because of a TV commercial?  

For sure, it made you wish you could do something about it. If there’s another thing that drives people to do something, it’s by tapping into the emotions.  

Using it as your CTA is a surefire motivator to make visitors do the desired action.  

Any industry can make use of this kind of CTA. As long as your CTA empathises with how you want your customers to feel, you’re good to go.  

  • Donate now to save the turtles 
  • You deserve a vacation. Book your flight now 
  • Make your dream wedding happen with us 

Make customers curious 

Make customers curious

A CTA driven by curiosity doesn’t need to be spooky or entirely secretive. It just needs to make your customers want to know more about what you’re advertising.  

How do you make customers curious? Provide only a snippet of what you’re offering. This will make them interested enough to know more about it.  

  • Click here to find out 
  • Know more about [insert service/product] here 
  • Join the webinar to learn more 

Be the solution 

Be the solution

It’s likely a visitor clicked on your website because he searched for a specific service that you offer. But this still isn’t an assurance that you can convert him to a paying customer because of other competitors. 

So instead of using the usual CTAs like “order now” or “buy now”, try presenting your CTA as the solution to your visitor’s problem. This will entice them more to avail your offer. 

  • Leaked roof? We’ll fix it for you 
  • Shop your plumbing needs here 
  • Build a website for me 

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There is no one-fits-all formula to make the perfect call-to-action. But creating a clickable one depends on two things: how you market your brand and knowing your target audience’s language 

By identifying these factors, you’ll see how easy it is to make a CTA that perfectly fits your offering.