Web design in 2017 is all about delivering a personalised, highly interactive and altogether relevant experience for users.

One size no longer fits all, and design trends are evolving. Check out the rapidly rising web design trends to follow to get your website performing for top user experience.

1. Virtual reality and full screen video

Exciting virtual reality (VR) announcements abound in 2017, and the trend continues its significant impact on web design.

Leading VR’s trend is Google and its Daydream headset. There are many practical uses for VR tech, and opportunities for integrating it in everyday life, so expect to see more of it along with 360º video on web design.

Many businesses have optimised their apps with video, which provide users with a more immersive experience, especially when it comes to how-to’s or to illustrate how relevant the product or service is for the customer.

2. Minimalist approaches: bold font and white space

More and more designers are using bolder fonts, with less content made up of impactful sentences along with clever use of white space. The minimalist trend lives on.

The reasoning is when a user browses the website, instead of getting distracted by too many design elements, they see the outstanding statements in bold fonts. User attention is then immediately caught. The landing page is designed to create a pop.

3. Vibrant colors and gradients

Social media platform Instagram has introduced the use of bright colours and gradient patterns to improve stories in pictures and showcase a heightened kind of lifestyle. This trend is catching on across websites as well, which gives pages a distinctly vintage yet fresh feel at the same time.

4. Interactive bots for engagement

Bots have less of an impact on web design when it comes to the visual side, but it does influence designers on how they think about creating the website. AI bots have become more realistic and complicated, allowing companies to offer instant and automated sales and communication.

The customised customer support provides businesses with a huge shift in conversational interface. Brands will be able to express different characterisations of the business persona, adding a more human and personal touch in approaching customers.

5. High-quality photography

TThe use of obvious stock photography reduces trust. Some pictures can even be completely ignored, which is bad news for design and for the business. Authentic photography is offered by countless sites online, with beautiful, high quality images. The era of cheesy stock photography could be nearing its end for web design.

One thing to keep in mind is that images that feature real people are more attractive for visitors. This gives you a bigger chance for conversion. Candid and original images are in demand, providing relatable, real moments captured from life rather than lifeless, polished pictures that are clearly posed. Authentic photography will help brands tell their visual story more effectively on their website.

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